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Who are we?

We are mutual fund distributors located in Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi. We service over 3000 Clients, invested in various Equity and Debt schemes. The key feature of our services is that we do not have any advisory/service charges * and the investors are provided with a unique Log in Id and password for online portfolio viewer for regular monitoring of portfolio. This, including hosts of other services are available at “Zero” cost to our investors.

Investors can invest with us based on their Risk Appetite and Time Horizon. We shall ensure Low or Zero risk for investors who are risk averse. For investors with Medium to High Risk appetite we recommend Hybrid Equity Funds and Systematic Investment Plans.

Corporates and HNI’s can contact us for short to medium term debt funds. This can give a higher Post Tax yield as against conventional Fixed Return Instruments
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How SIP Works ?


Decide the amount to be invested per month, Choose a scheme, Future installment will be debited from your Bank Account.


Lump Sum Vs SIP

When you invest the same amount in a fund at regular intervals over time, you buy more units when the price is lower.


Become a crorepati


By investing as little as Rs. 1000 per month, your child can hope to get a crore of rupees when he/she is grown up and needs it.