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How SIP works

Starting an SIP with any of our investment schemes is easy. Just follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Set a goal that you wish to achieve

The first step to achieving your dreams is to have a clearly defined goal or objective in mind. To achieve any goal you will have to save money for it on a regular basis. Also you need to know when you want to achieve this goal and how much money you would like to have at the time of it’s completion.

For example, your goal could be to ‘take a vacation in 5 years from today's, and to make this goal a reality, you may be requiring Rs. 500,000.

Step 2: Start SIP to meet this goal

Once you have identified your financial goal, the next step is to do Systematic Investment Planning so you know how you can achieve this goal. To do so you can use our Savings Calculator. This will tell you much money your regular investments can grow over time.

In this case, in order to achieve a target of Rs. 500,000 in 5 years for a vacation, you need to invest approximately Rs. 6,000 on a monthly basis in an investment solution that can give you a return of approximately 14% p.a. over a period of 5 years.

We have many investment solutions that you can choose from. The investment solution you select to achieve your goal shall take into consideration the duration that you wish to invest for and how much return you are expecting to earn on your investments. To find out which investment solution best matches your need and can help you achieve your goal, please speak with our customer care executives at 0800-00026 or sms MEET to 8258 to schedule a meeting with our investment advisors.

Step 3: Invest regularly to achieve your goal

Once you have determined which investment solution is best for you, you need to diligently follow the SIP payment plan you have created for yourself. At first, you may feel like the amount you are taking out from your overall savings may cause a dent in your budget, but stay focused on the overall goal that you wish to achieve. Also remember one thing, we earn regularly, we spend regularly, we should also save and invest a part of our earnings regularly to achieve our goals in life. After a while, you will realize that the regular monthly savings amount have become a part of your monthly budget.