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Most of the investors want to buy stocks when the prices in stock market are low and sell them when prices in the stock market are high. But timing the market is time consuming and risky, therefore, A more successful investment strategy is to adopt the method called Rupee Cost Averaging. Systematic investment plan (SIP) can help put the power of creating a huge and profitable portfolio for you.

With the presence in center of Delhi NCR, Bhikagi Cama Place, "Sipwala" will describe how you can pursue the strategy by setting up a Systematic Investment Plan for your Mutual fund accounts.

Here's what Portfolio Viewer offers you

Tracks all your investments, through daily price updates. Get a consolidated view of your multiple mutual funds transactions. Know your best and worst investments at a glance and much more.......



Quick summary of all current or all previous investments. The Chart includes Investment amount, current values, dividend paid, Redemptions, Absolute returns and XIRR (Internal Rate of Return or CAGR)


Transaction History

Displays history of transactions that have taken place in your mutual funds across different time horizons.


MF SIP Tracking

Get Updated MF Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) instalments . All the Updation is 100% system generated and without any effort or input from the investors end.



A powerful engine in the 'UTILITY' section of the online portfolio Viewer. This feature compares your Portfolio Performance against BSE Sensex for different Time Horizons. Exceptional tool to figure out where to increase allocation and what funds to exit from.



Track current and historic dividends declared by your mutual funds. This gets auto updated your MFs for dividend payouts and re-investments



Displays the %age of Debt and Equity in your portfolio and different sectors you have invested . It also displays what percentage of your total investment belongs to which sector.



Gives you a financial snapshot of all companies in your portfolio. Displays the latest Factsheets of the funds in your portfolio.